Entry #1

Add me on Myspace/Last.fm! :)

2009-12-01 19:53:42 by JustLikeAmmy

What's up :)

If you like any of this stuff enough to wanna keep me in mind in the future.... I can be found these places:

FREE full-length album available here: OssicleDanceParty!!!! 5/2/10

JustLikeAmmy on Myspace

JustLikeAmmy on Last.fm

(***Also, there are and there WILL always be free tracks linked somewhere on those....)

Add me on Myspace/Last.fm! :)


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2010-01-25 19:41:54

Great music Keep it up =)

JustLikeAmmy responds:

Thankssssssssssssssssss, mate!

Feel free to drop me some votes if you got time, I think you may be one of the only few on here who like it in any particular way :P