New official site! New Doctor Who/Dalek track! New 'Higurashi' track!

2011-08-24 19:23:16 by JustLikeAmmy

I just got finished putting a bunch of new stuff together the past 2-3 weeks or so. Two new tracks finished--a new beta version of my official site--ba;laskdj;askda;kgads;f

First of all if you've ever heard of it, I released a new experimental industrial dubstep track called "Cicada".

It's inspiration was from the japanese anime When They Cry--if you've never heard of it or checked out anime yourself, you should give this one a shot--it'll give you one of the best mind fucks you've ever had. Hopefully my track encapsulates that feelings at least a little (some big shoes to fill, man).

Second of all is my newest track of all (freshly rendered only a couple days ago) called 'DALEK Pt. 1'. I'm a massive Doctor Who goon and at first I hated those fucking Daleks but after getting into the series they wormed their way into my heart :(

Anyways they're still incredibly badass and heartless and make a great set up for some quality entertainment, and that's what I was going for there. So I hope you like DALEK!

ANNDDDDDDDDD LASTLYYYYY and perhaps the biggest news because..... well, now I have a home base on the internets XD Lotsa free junk and news, and I plan to be updating the site frequently to make it more functional and more content.

Check it out here: New Official Site


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